Angry Birds star wars download

Angry Birds Star Wars Download

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Angry Birds Star Wars Download: Angry Birds Star Wars game is the same as the Angry Birds. In this game, you will enjoy playing in space along with playing on the earth. Angry Birds Star Wars game is a fabulous creation of Rovio. The game is designed for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. It is also available for android, mac, iOS, and iPhone. This arcade category game is being downloaded for 955K times approximately. Do you want to download it? Then let’s have a look at the required features to run this game on your PC. You can direct download angry birds for your desired OS. It’s totally free and safe from viruses.

Angry Birds
Star war Puzzle Game

Angry Birds Star Wars:

The Angry Birds Star Wars is one of the games from the series of Angry Birds. It is on the sixth number of this series and introduced on 8th Nov 2012. The publisher and developer of this game is Rovio entertainment. Rovio is a cooperation of Finnish whose work is to create video games. Rovio entertainment made its name worldwide because of its Angry Birds brand in 2009. Their published games are downloaded about 4.5 billion times. At first, this game was created to play on Windows, iOS, and Android but later it was updated to operable for Blackberry and Mac. In July 2013 this game was made compatible with Xbox 360, play stations, etc. their headquarters are operating in Finland, Espoo, the US, Sweden, and China.

The storyline of this game is that many years ago in a too much away galaxy the insurgent bird’s herd confront the colossal danger caused by the bad pig group. The birds were hidden and fight against the pig troopers and they won their first victory. But during the fight, there were some spies from the rebel birds who stole some important plans from the evil pig’s group and now they are rushing towards their herd to join them and pass the information to them. At this point they need you. So if you have not joined the rebel bird’s adventure yet, don’t wait and get ready to join the angry bird’s troop.

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Chapters of Angry Star War Game:

The Angry Birds Star Wars s is a very easy game to play. You need to aim the target and put the one bird into the sling. The other birds will drag the bird and then launch it to the target. Simple!

There are six chapters of this game:

  1. Tatooine
  2. Death Star
  3. Hoth
  4. Cloud City
  5. Moon of Endor
  6. Death Star II
  7. Bonus

Angry Birds Star Wars II:

The Angry Birds Star Wars II is a follow-up of the Angry Birds Star Wars. The game is also named Angry Birds Star Wars II: the prequel trilogy. This game is on the eighth number of Angry Birds series and on the second number of games in which the player is able to choose between being a dark side that is a pig, or a republic side that is a bird. The game is released in September 2013 for the platforms iOS, android, windows phone, and Microsoft windows. It comes up with 56 updated characters and a Telepod technology. This Telepod technology allows you to teleport your game characters and then enjoy fighting. Download angry birds star wars II right now.

This game also has the six episodes with two other special episodes whose names are written below:

  • Naboo Invasion
  • Escape to Tatooine
  • Battle of Naboo
  • Rise of the Clones
  • Revenge of the Pork
  • Rebels
  • There are two special episodes:
  • Reward Chapter
  • Master Your Destiny

Angry Birds Star Wars III:

Now Angry Birds Star Wars III is a sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars II. Its position in the Angry Birds series is 10th and is on the 6th position of series of the game which gave the option of choosing between the two players type. This game is developed by Lucasarts, Disney, and Wither games along with Rovio entertainment. Just like Angry Birds Star Wars II, it also has the option of choosing between being pork and a bird. At first, you need to play as a bird to get some stars to unlock the opportunity to play as pork. This game will release on 9th June 2020. More than 150 levels are available for this game because it has 20 levels for each side i.e. pork and bird for each episode. Download angry birds star wars III right now.

Episodes of Star Wars III:

Here is the below list of the episodes of this game:

  • Death Star 3
  • Journey to Naboo
  • Tatooine Competition
  • Fett Quest
  • Reward Chapter
  • Attack of the clones
  • Sith’s Challenge
  • Revenge of the Pork

Angry Birds Stella:

This game is named after a single female character in this game Stella. The storyline describes that Stella leaves the school and her Angry Birds herd to go and meet up with her four friends on a Golden Island. The four friend’s names were Poppy, Luca, Dahlia, and Willow. They were attached by the Gale and a troop of pigs. They stole her album of images which helps her to go aboard on her trip with her friends for salvage. Telepods technology is also used in this game to make it more fun-loving. This game is also a development of Rovio entertainment. This game is also part of the Angry Birds series. Angry Birds Stella is a single-player puzzle game that was released on 4th September 2014. The Angry Birds Stella is comprised of 132 levels, some are harder and some are simple.

Angry Birds Characters:

The characters of this game are a combination of multi-colored birds that are striving for saving their eggs from pigs who are trying to eat the bird’s eggs. The birds came into the form of a group that will now save their eggs from greenish pigs. They use the slingshots to fight with the pigs. The birds in the herd now throw each other using the sling to attack the pigs. Let’s enlist the characters of the Angry Birds game.

  • Red –Pretty much angry
  • Chuck – Super speedy and hyper
  • Bomb – So destructive when in anger
  • Terence – Mysterious mighty bird
  • Matilda – Extra calm
  • Mighty Eagle – A security provider
  • Stella – Traveler
  • Judge Peckinpah – A kind-hearted
  • The Pigs – Bad in nature

Angry Birds Red:

Red is from the herd of Angry Birds. It is one of the angriest birth among all types. Red is out of control as he is not even controlled by his parents. Thus making him the angriest bird. His angry nature sometimes creates problems for all. Therefore it was sent to the management class which helps in managing the wrath. It’s basically a red spot i.e. a sign of wrath and angry mood in the happiest cheerful island. Although the red is very much weird and angriest in nature his heart is of gold. He is very soft-hearted from inside and but his wrath makes him a bad bird. But deep down, he is a part of the Angry Birds flock. He does the thing which everyone wishes to do, he talked like everyone wants to have that vocal ability.

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About Angry Birds Space:

Angry Birds Space is a puzzle game that lies in the category of physics-based games. It comes 5th in the list of angry birds game series, released in March’2020. Rovio entertainments are the developer and publisher of that game. The gameplay is quite different from the previous games of the Angry Birds series. Every planet has a number of different levels. The twist is the trajectory of birds after their launch differs from planet to planet as per the planet’s gravitational force. Birds started circulating around the planet of pigs when they entered the gravitation sphere of that planet.

The game was released for several platforms including Windows, Android, and Mac OS. This game received several positive reviews from numerous gaming websites and companies. The game got much popularity among video gamers in no time. This game is also termed as the fastest growing game in its era as it had more than 50 million downloads in less than 40 days.

System Requirements

The following are some minimum requirements for satisfying the compatibility concerns.

  • OS – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor – Intel P4
  • RAM – 512 MB
  • Hard Drive – 500MB
  • Setup size – 58.6 MB

To download the Angry Birds’ star war games into your android phones the operating system requirement is Android 4.1 or later. Whereas, for downloading in iOS the requirement is iOS 12.1.2 version or later.

You can direct download Angry Birds 2 latest setup 2021 for windows, mac, and Android OS. Click the below link to get your desired device download link. Keep enjoy by playing an angry birds puzzle game. It has lots of fun and entertainment which will satisfy you while on the field of your battle.

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