Cat Simulator Online Video Game Download

Download Cat Simulator online video game for Android phones, tablet devices, and Windows PC. Cat sims are role-playing and more entertaining games where you become a real cat to kill the enemies around the city and forest. So, scroll down to click on the download link to download directly for Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux free. Now worry about it, which OS you are using and want to download cat simulator apk for them. Simply select the right game file for your OS to enjoy playing. Free download cat simulator game right now. Play Dog Simulator Game Download.

cat simulator online video game download

Cat Simulator Download: Are you a cat’s lover? Do you ever think of being a cat for at least one day? Are you curious about the activities and the things the cats do? So, be ready to explore the cat world by playing the first game of cats named “Cat-simulator.”

Cat Simulator is a fun-loving game to experience the life of a cat. You will be a single-cat player who will clear many levels for chasing its target like rats, mice, eating, and other cats. Hunting rats and mice will be the best and amazing part of this game you will experience. The cat simulator is released on 12th Feb 2016, developed and published by funny games group Cam Studio and entertaining games group, respectively. you may also check; Yandere Simulator Download.

About Cat Simulator Online:

Cat simulator: kitty crafts is a cat arcade that allows you to choose the cat of your own choice among the diverse breeds of kittens. In kitty games, you are a cat residing in a big house. Take help from the map to achieve your goals. The coins earned in the kitty games help in buying a beautiful new home for the cat. Cat simulator game is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems. So, if you are not installing the game on your systems till now then download it from here to enjoy the gameplay.

The level in the kitty games is composed of 6 to 7 quests. Each quest needs to be completed to clear the level. The kitten cat simulator is offering seven beautiful houses of cats with gardens. Some of the searches are:

  • Destruction as much as you can
  • Catching the mouse
  • Scratching carpets
  • Muddle the food

Cat Simulator Releases:

The kitty game is released in the year of 2016 February. Later on, sim craft was updated, and many main enhancements had been made in May 2018. Then it was published on Crazy Games. Kitty game was released and developed by the H-Games. The kitten cat simulator with fun arcade mode is made with unity 5.4 WebGL technology to be operational in all browser types easily. The full-screen mode of kitty games gives you live streaming feel with good quality 3D graphics.

Features of Cat Simulator:

Cat arcades are exciting because of some below-mentioned features;

  • Free online Simulation game.
  • Splendid and attractive 3D-HD graphics.
  • Controllable.
  • Easy and simple to play.
  • Plenty of zones.
  • Diverse cat forms to explore and play.
  • Kill the enemies around you.
  • Upgrade cat by playing.
  • Kill all the enemies to save the city.
  • Powerful cat’s.
  • Play to upgrade your profile.
  • much more.

Cat Simulator Download:

If you want to download the cat simulator game for android-app then there is a requirement of version Android-4.0 or higher. The size of the latest version of the game for android is 78.6 MB. If you want to download this game for iOS then the requirement for compatibility will be iOS-9.0 or later. It will be best suited for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The game size for iOS-based devices is 239.9 MB. The incredible thing about the cat simulator game is that it’s free of cost. Cat Simulator Download for your android without any cost charges.

Download Cat simulator game app for your android phones and tablet devices without any restrictions. It supports android version 4.0 and up. To download the cat simulator game for android to enjoy become a real cat on the action. So if you want to download this game on your android phone or other operating-system then click your favorite OS link.

Cat Games Reward:

There are many other people as well in the house. You can get the chance to earn coins by jumping on things and moving them. These earned coins let you buy a home for yourself and helps in unlocking the different cats. Very energetic and much fun game. Enjoy playing to earn coins to upgrade your cat.

Cat Game Updates:

The updated kitty games are available i.e., 1.013. This update is comprised of many things.

  • Introduction of new garden level with multiple quests.
  • Switch languages. You can choose between languages e.g., English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • Eligible to buy many Hats for your kittens.
  • Buy beautiful cat houses for your kittens.

Cat Simulator Control Keys:

The different keys on the keyboard perform various functions. Some primary keys and their services are mentioned below;

  • Arrow keys to travel
  • Space-bar for jumping
  • Hold for jumping higher
  • Issue date and developer/publisher:

Cat Simulator And Friends:

Do you want never-ending fun then do install the cat simulator and friend’s game? This cat arcade offers multiple cats and dogs to unlock. Just clear the levels collect diamonds and coins and have fun with the new unlocked friends with the ultimate bonus. With passing levels you would love to create a mess in the markets, chasing the mouse, ride on the airplane, and play with toys and alarms, and many more. Its graphics in full-screen mode make you feel in a real cat world. There are fifteen friends who are unseen, so get ready to find them.

Animal Cat Simulator:

This simulator craft is the best option for animal lovers. It provides services of selecting your favorite animal of your own breed choice. By playing these kitten games not only fun but also helpful in the learning of animals and their breeds. Kitten cat simulator offers multi-player mode, i.e., making an animal family with your friends, learning about kinds of your favorite animals, protecting them, and making clans. Clear the levels for achieving ultimate bonuses, diamonds, and coins.

  • Why you should play this cat arcade? You are free to choose the cat of your own choice plus its family. Dress-up the kittens with your selected color, style, etc. Take care of your kitten and family and earn bonuses and coins along with diamonds.
  • Exciting graphics with exotic and splendid locations and views to explore and play.
  • No solo play. You can play with your other friends like a team in this updated version of the kitten cat simulator.

Cat Video Games:

Cat video games are the most fun-loving games mostly liked by children. It tends to feel like a cat, which can do all the kinds of stuff a cat can do like catching the mouse, causing destruction, tease the humans, eating and jumping, etc. These kitty games are not only a fun thing but it helps in understanding the different breeds of cat’s family. These are a great source of information for children and adults who love cats. It allows the player to do all enjoyable stuff which in real life you cannot do easily. If you are fond of keeping cats in your home but cannot do so.

This game serves as an excellent option to complete that deficiency. The diverse cat video games are there which amuse you every time in every way. When you have a cat as a pet with which you can talk and listen, then nothing is more amusing than having a digital.

You get ready your favorite cat according to your choice using multiple accessories like hats, goggles, shoes, dresses, etc., have fun with it by doing various enjoyable things, and creates a mess, and don’t have fear of being scolded by your mother. You have a regular pet with you which is available anytime. There are many cat video games are available online and some are mentioned below;

  • Talking Tom Cat
  • Cat Simulator: Kitty Crafts
  • Kitten Cat Simulator
  • Family Cat Simulator
  • Toys Cat Simulator
  • Cat Runner
  • Animal Life Cat Simulator

Cat Simulator PC Requirements:

The minimum PC requirements for downloading a cat simulator game are;

  • RAM 128MB
  • Pentium 4 2GHz
  • Operating system Windows XP or later
  • Graphical cards NVIDIA GeForce 510


Cat Simulator is one of the most famous games among kids. Because you can go anywhere with your selected cat in the game environment. Children can collect coins to unlock more cat arcades and can buy different stuff for their cats. In multiplayer mode, children can play this Kitten Cat Simulator game with their friends too and multiple their fun. Sim Craft changes the whole concept of the kitten games and takes these games to another level of imagination.

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