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Zuma Revenge Free Download: Many people like Zuma revenge and the most interesting thing is that it can be downloaded free. Now Zuma free is available on many websites like gamefabrique, torrent, etc. Get Zuma game free download is developed and published for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS, iOS, Xbox 360, android phones, and windows phone. We will manage and share all operating system download links on the download page. You can get the direct download link. Check; Nekopara Vol 1 Game Free Download

Zuma Revenge:

Zuma is a series of video games that lie in the category of tile-matching puzzle games. The Zuma Revenge is one of these video games, released in September 2009. This Revenge is actually a sequel of the Zuma game, the first of the series. This series of video games are developed by PopCap Games Inc. And then released under the same company name. PopCap is an American bases video game developer, founded in 2000. John Vechey, Brian Fiete, and Jason Kapalka founded this company which acquired by EA Games after 10 years of its foundation. Zuma is released on several platforms including Android, Mac, and Windows. You can also play Zuma online on many websites.

download zuma revenge game

Zuma’s Revenge is the sequel of the Zuma game which was released after 6 years of the release of its earlier game. Several new features and levels are added to this game. Zuma Revenge deluxe is the third game of the Zuma game series which is also termed as an enhanced version of the Zuma game. You can play Zuma Revenge free on several platforms. The gameplay of each game of the series is almost the same. Balls with different colors move in a spiral shape towards a skull. The frog is in the middle of the portal trying to protect the balls from reaching the skull. The player is controlling the frog which is there for bombarding balls with random color on the incoming balls. Check Cat Simulator Free Download

Modes of Zuma Revenge Game

Zuma’s Revenge initially consists of several levels for a number of islands. These islands are ruled by an angry god named Zhaka Mu. Zuma’s Revenge is a single-player game with four gaming modes;

  1. Adventure Mode

The basic mode of the game is adventure mode, which consists of several levels for each island and a boss level at the end of each island.

  1. Heroic Frog Mode

This mode is locked initially. You must have to clear the adventure mode to unlock it. Its gameplay is as same as in Adventure mode. But it is more difficult.

  1. Iron Frog Mode

Same as heroic Frog mode, adventure mode has to be cleared to unlock this mode. The Player has to clear ten levels with one life to get several rewards.

  1. Challenge Mode

Challenge mode is also known as timer mode. Here you have to clear the level within three minutes. Here chain bonus helps to activate the point’s multiplier.

Metacritic and GameRankings are two different publications and Ranking Aggregators for video games on the basis of reviews. Both publications mark Zuma’s Revenge game with a score of more than 80%.

Zuma Games:

Zuma games are a series of different video games with its first release in 2003 named, Zuma. This tile-matching Puzzle game is bestowed with the game of the year award in 2004 just after one year of its first game. PopCap is so praised in the video games world for this addictive game series. A total of 22 Zuma games are released so for. Zuma Game, Jocuri Zuma, Zuma Revenge game, and Zuma Revenge Deluxe are some popular mentions here.

Although there are different gaming modes in each game of this series, there are two gaming modes in Zuma Games basically. One is adventure mode, the basic mod of the game consists of different levels with some boss battles. The second is gauntlet mode, also known as survival mode or challenge mode which is quite difficult to play as compared to adventure mode.

A controversy for game plagiarism was created by a Japanese developer named, Mitchell Corporation. They blame PopCap for stealing the intellectual property of their game named Puzz Loop. This game was founded in 1998 by Mitchell Corporation and re-released by the same developer for Nintendo DS with a new name, Magnetica in 2006. Founders of Zuma games clarify that the Zuma game is not the exact match of the Puzz loop. Their game has different stories, different levels, and different modes. Even the characters and background of the game is so different. Different colored balls rolling in spiral shape don’t make it an exact clone of the Puzz loop.

Although there are a lot of controversies, this game series still manage to win several awards and nominations in different categories and from different platforms.

  • “Game of the Year” Award in 2004 by Real-Arcade.
  • Nominated for “Arcade Game of the Year” by Computer Gaming World
  • Nominated for “Puzzle Game of the Year” by Computer Gaming World

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Free Zuma Games

There are numerous Zuma games free online to play. A ball is a very interesting thing. It is small and cute but can catch your attention. Thus all Zuma games’ main focus is on balls. The main gaming concept behind all the games is the same that is there are a number of colored balls rolling towards the golden skull. Mainly, the frog is attacking these rolling balls and doesn’t let these balls reaching the skull. Here are some popular Zuma games which are rocking the world.

  • Zuma, Dec 2003
  • Zuma Deluxe, Aug 2006
  • Zuma’s revenge, Sep 2009
  • Zuma deluxe 2, Aug 2019
  • Pinboliada, Aug 2007
  • Fairy Town, May 2008
  • Inca Temple, June 2018
  • Bongo Beach, Oct 2006
  • Ninja’s Charm, Aug 2016
  • Mysterious India, Sep 2017
  • Bear Zuma, Aug 2017
  • Japanese Zuma, Sep 2019

Play Zuma Online

PopCap games Inc. develops Zuma revenge for multiple platforms like Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android phones, Windows phones, Xbox 360, etc. The company not only designs the game for diverse platforms rather they make it possible to play online as well. It seems difficult for many people to go to the internet to search for websites. Then download and install the games. Some operating systems don’t go compatible with the game. So there is nothing to worry about. There are several websites that allow you to play online Zuma revenge. You need to open your browser and write Play Zuma revenge online. You will get multiple links to play the game online for free.

Here are some websites which offer Zuma Revenge to play online in full screen:

  • Games lol
  • MSN games
  • Zumaballs
  • Pogo
  • Zumafreegames
  • Megazuma
  • Playbubblez
  • Obfog

Now just get ready with your cursor to play your most favorite game on full screen online.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for Zuma free to download in PC start with a cost-efficient graphic card namely either NVIDIA GeForce 6200 or AMD Mobility Radeon X1300 can be used. The RAM should be 256MB and the processor must not be less than 700MHz. It can run on Windows 10/8/7 and Windows XP/Vista with the file size of Zuma revenge is 99.01 MB.

The minimum requirements for Zuma game free download to compatible with iOS/mac RAM should be more than 1GB and Mac OS X .11 or later will support the game. The processor must be Intel Core Duo 1.66+GHz. download the Zuma game on your desired device to enjoy the game while play.

FAQ’s (Frequent Asked Questions)

Can We Play Zuma Revenge on PC?

You can download and install Zuma revenge full installer on your Windows desktop or Laptop. It is available for Android phones and Windows operating systems. Also, it compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Is Zuma Revenge Virus Free?

The Zuma Revenge game setup is totally free & safe from viruses, malware, spyware, and other web threats. Feel free to download and install it on your device to enjoy playing.

Why People Play Zuma?

The Zuma is the best video puzzle game (tile-matching puzzle) that is developed and designed by “PopCap Games”. There are many fun and entertainments so, that’s why people love to play Zuma on their electronic devices.

Is Zuma Revenge Game Free Download?

Zuma revenge is a free tile-matching playing game that is available for free download. You can download Zuma for android phones and download it for windows pc from this page. Click the above-mentioned download latest version button to get it free right now.

Is Zuma Illegal?

No! Zuma is a verified and legal game that no restriction and country policy voilations. It is a certified google play store game where you can easily be installed on your smartphone. Or if you want to play it on your PC the click the download button to download for pc. No restrictions and illegality are in this game. Feel free to download, install, and play.

Similar Game;

Zuma revenge game download:

PopCap Games Zuma is available to free download for all Windows OS, Android OS, and Mac OS. You can directly download and install this crucial and adventure game on your desired operating system just by following the below links. For the easiest of our website user, we can manage and share direct official download links which are fully protected from viruses. Keep enjoying safe downloading from

Download Zuma for Windows;

From this portion, you can download the Zuma revenge game directly for your desktop computers.

Download Zuma for Android;

Zuma game is available in APK format which is compatible with all Android versions. So, you can directly download and install Zuma on your Smartphone from this portion.

Download Zuma for Mac;

Due to the popularity of Apple company, 50% of people use Mac computers and they want to download Zuma for mac. And for Mac users, we manage directly the PopCap Zuma download link here. Follow by just a single click and wait till the game is successfully downloaded.

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