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IPL Schedule 2022 – Enjoy IPL Matches

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The Indian Premier League is the most popular cricket league in the world. The competition is organized every year in India. This year, IPL 2022 will take place from the 2nd of April to the 3rd of June. There are ten teams participating in the tournament. The opening match is expected to take place on the 2nd of April between the Chennai Super Kings and the Kolkata Riders. The first match is likely to be held at the M.A Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. The IPL 2022 schedule is expected to be finalized by BCCI but is still a rough guide. Check ThopTV for live streaming matches.

IPL 2022 Live Event:

It will also be the first time in the history of the IPL that team promoters will not be present behind the scenes during a match. BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, on the other hand, has assured that the IPL 13 would be a massive money generator for telecasters, as all of the fans will tune into their television sets to watch the matches. Stream IPL Matches on Pikashow live tv app.

IPL 2022 Opening Ceremony:

The India Premier League (IPL) is a top-rated cricket event that will take place at nine different venues throughout India over 51 days. It has been ranked as the second most important sporting event globally, behind only the cricket T20 World Cup. The first match of the Indian Premier League 2022 will be contested on April 9 between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. The following is the schedule for the IPL in 2022.

This year’s Opening Ceremony is expected to be even more spectacular and lively than last year’s. The Indian Premier League is a package with fantastic cricket, entertainment, performances, dance, and song. For two months, the whole cricketing world celebrates this cricketing carnival, which takes place every year. The opening ceremony is one of the essential services of the tournament. It will take place on July 1. In the ninth edition of the Indian Premier League, there are two new clubs, which has made things more difficult for everyone. With these two teams, many positions have already been tangled up in knots.

IPL 2022 Match Date & Time:

As I mentioned above 10 teams will be part of the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League, among them 74 Matches will be played, for all IPL 2022 Match dates & times are tabulated below.

1CSK  Vs  KKR26 March 20227:30 PM
2SRH  Vs RR27 March 20227:30 PM
3Ahmedabad  Vs  RCB28 March 20227:30 PM
4DC Vs  MI29 March 20227:30 PM
5Lucknow  Vs  PBKS30 March 20227:30 PM
6KKR  Vs  SRH31 March 20227:30 PM
7RR  Vs DC01 April 20227:30 PM
8RCB Vs  MI02 April 20223:30 PM
9Lucknow  Vs  Ahmedabad02 April 20227:30 PM
10PBKS  Vs  CSK03 April 20223:30 PM
11SRH  Vs  RCB03 April 20227:30 PM
12MI  Vs  Ahmedabad04 April 20227:30 PM
13DC Vs  KKR05 April 20227:30 PM
14CSK  Vs  RCB06 April 20227:30 PM
15SRH  Vs  PBKS07 April 20223:30 PM
16RR  Vs  KKR08 April 20227:30 PM
17Lucknow  Vs DC09 April 20227:30 PM
18Ahmedabad  Vs  CSK09 April 20223:30 PM
19DC Vs  SRH10 April 20227:30 PM
20RCB Vs RR10 April 20223:30 PM
21MI  Vs  Lucknow11 April 20227:30 PM
22KKR  Vs  Ahmedabad12 April 20227:30 PM
23PBKS  Vs RR13 April 20227:30 PM
24MI  Vs  CSK14 April 20227:30 PM
25KKR  Vs  RCB15 April 20227:30 PM
26DC Vs  PBKS16 April 20227:30 PM
27SRH  Vs  MI16 April 20223:30 PM
28RR  Vs  Ahmedabad17 April 20227:30 PM
29CSK  Vs  Lucknow17 April 20223:30 PM
30DC Vs  RCB18 April 20227:30 PM
31Lucknow  Vs  CSK19 April 20227:30 PM
32Ahmedabad  Vs  SRH20 April 20227:30 PM
33KKR  Vs  PBKS21 April 20227:30 PM
34RR  Vs  MI22 April 20227:30 PM
35RCB Vs  Lucknow23 April 20227:30 PM
36Ahmedabad  Vs  DC23 April 20223:30 PM
37MI  Vs  PBKS24 April 20227:30 PM
38RR  Vs  Lucknow24 April 20223:30 PM
39CSK  Vs  SRH25 April 20227:30 PM
40DC Vs  Ahmedabad26 April 20227:30 PM
41SRH  Vs  KKR27 April 20227:30 PM
42CSK  Vs RR28 April 20227:30 PM
43Lucknow  Vs  MI29 April 20227:30 PM
44Ahmedabad  Vs  KKR30 April 20227:30 PM
45SRH  Vs  DC30 April 20223:30 PM
46RCB Vs  PBKS01 April 20227:30 PM
47KKR  Vs  CSK01 April 20223:30 PM
48MI  Vs  DC02 April 20227:30 PM
49RCB Vs  Ahmedabad03 April 20227:30 PM
50PBKS  Vs  Lucknow04 April 20227:30 PM
51RR  Vs  CSK05 April 20227:30 PM
52PBKS  Vs  MI06 April 20227:30 PM
53SRH  Vs  Lucknow07 April 20227:30 PM
54RR  Vs  RCB08 April 20227:30 PM
55CSK  Vs  DC08 April 20223:30 PM
56Ahmedabad  Vs  PBKS09 April 20227:30 PM
57MI  Vs  SRH10 April 20227:30 PM
58RCB Vs  KKR11 April 20227:30 PM
59PBKS  Vs  DC12 April 20227:30 PM
60Ahmedabad  Vs RR13 April 20227:30 PM
61KKR  Vs  MI14 April 20227:30 PM
62Lucknow  Vs  SRH14 April 20223:30 PM
63PBKS  Vs  RCB15 April 20227:30 PM
64CSK  Vs  Ahmedabad15 April 20223:30 PM
65Lucknow  Vs  KKR16 April 20227:30 PM
66MI  Vs RR17 April 20227:30 PM
67PBKS  Vs  SRH18 April 20227:30 PM
68DC Vs  Lucknow19 April 20227:30 PM
69RCB Vs  CSK20 April 20227:30 PM
70KKR  Vs RR21 April 20227:30 PM
71Qualifier-122 April 20227:30 PM
72Eliminator24 April 20227:30 PM
73Qualifier-227 April 20227:30 PM
74FINAL29 April 20227:30 PM

The schedule of IPL 2022 is available on the official website. The first match will be played on April 9, followed by the knock-out matches. The entire season will run from the 25th of March to June. The game will include 60 matches and eight teams will compete in eight groups. The league stage will consist of 56 games. The game time for each team will be announced before the first match.

This year’s IPL will be held in the UAE. There are no major changes to the schedule, and all 8 teams are ready to play the remaining matches. However, the IPL is expected to resume in the UAE in September.

Matches will be played in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, and Hyderabad. The first match will be played on March 30, and the final will be on April 30. The IPL will conclude in the UK on May 23. After the first 29 matches, there will be a T20 World Cup in the UAE. The semifinals will be played at the Sharjah Sports City Stadium, and the final will be played at the Dubai Stadium.

The IPL 2022 will take place in the UAE from April to May. There are seven teams participating in the tournament. Each team will play two matches per day. The first match will be between the Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. The remaining three matches will be played in the UAE. All the games will be played in the afternoon and at night.

The IPL 2022 will begin on March 26 and will run for 60 days. The games will take place in eight different cities in India. The first match will be between the Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore and will be held on the 23rd of May. After the first 29 matches, the IPL will be held in the UAE. There are four cities in India that will host the tournament. If you’re interested in watching the games, make sure to visit the IPL website.

Each match will be played on different days, with Sunday doubleheader matches taking place at 11 am and 7:30 pm. It will start on March 26 and end on May 23. IPL is a popular sports event in India. The IPL is one of the most-watched international competitions in the world.

In addition to IPL, many other international sports events take place during the tournament. The T20 World Cup is also held in the UAE. The semi-finals and final matches will take place at the Emirates Stadium. You can also find IPL schedules on the official website of the BCCI. The IPL has become a favorite among fans. It’s the biggest cricket tournament in the world. The IPL is a very popular sport in India.

The next IPL will be held in March 2022. The tournament will feature 10 teams. The cities where matches will be played include the Wankhede Stadium, the M.A.Chidambaram Chepauk Stadium, the Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium, and other smaller stadiums. You can also find the IPL timetable on the BCCI’s website. The BCCI does not release the schedule until 2022.