krunker multiplayer game download

Krunker Multiplayer Game Download

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Welcome to Krunker, a free version of the highest award-winning 2D tower defense game! Build your own Tower Defence base quickly, defend it from enemies and win it against all sorts of enemies! Get access to all sorts of useful weapons, earn stars for every level you complete, get rewards for each level you complete, and get the high score record for every level too! Enjoy Krunker fully modeled after the hugely popular defense games, such as Defence Minitaire and Tower Defence. Play solo against computer-generated enemies or with up to four other players in co-op mode to challenge yourself.

The Krunker layout is quite simple and consists mainly of five levels including the main battle which you should never lose. This is made even more exciting because you have a chance to buy some new weapons along the way including the well-known stutter meter which uses to indicate that you are going to slow down the rate of firing of your melee weapon (when you press the key). You need to conserve energy by pressing the space bar whilst your weapon is being held, whilst moving your mouse wheel upwards or downwards will reduce the amount of time spent holding the button down. There are a total of four stages to each level and the fourth one requires you to build a teleporter that teleports you right into the center of the battlefield where an epic battle takes place. As you battle your way around the battlefield you will find that the enemies do not stay put long enough for you to build the teleporter so be prepare to move to another section of the map often!

When you die in Krunker you will lose all your points and if you manage to save enough energy by pressing the space bar before your character dies then you will revive and be able to pick up a health pack, a shield, and a melee weapon. There is also another type of enemy called a terranean Robo who continually spawns and attacks using its powerful spiked fists and even stomps on you. The only way to avoid being killed by these robots is to quickly conserve all your energy as they can easily cause serious injury. In addition to this, there are other minor enemies you need to take care of such as the mini zombies that run around the map shooting at you as you move around.

Download Krunker

System Requirements:

  • Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • RAM: Minimum 2GB of RAM.
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or higher processor.
  • Hard Disk: 500 MB free space required.
  • Size of file: 87 MB space of the game.

While acquiring numerous interactivity components from well-known group-based FPS titles like Counter-Strike, the visual show of Krunker is profoundly suggestive of famous games like Minecraft and Hitman.

Nonetheless, the game endeavors far away from Counter-Strike by offering players admittance to 11 person classes that all deal remarkable interactivity capacities, 16 game modes that can take into account the necessities, everything being equal, with modes, for example, free for all, conventional group bomb disarm and catch the banner, to the new mode, for example, Hardpoint require a serious level of player coordination. The more colorful game modes bear names like Parkour, Hide and Seek, Simon Says, Infected, Boss Hunt, One in the Chamber, and Gun Game.

To work with simpler admittance to the ongoing interaction, the Krunker game can be played with or without the game record. In-game movement can be sped up with the assistance of the Shop administration, and players can likewise observe to be a lot of fun in the discretionary Challenges and Ranked battles. Finishing matches or in-game difficulties furnishes players with different prizes, with numerous players choosing to modify their in-game symbols with a wide cluster of corrective things.

The settings of the game are exceptionally cutting-edge and fluctuate, empowering clients to set their game totally as they would prefer. Note that the Klunker additionally completely upholds modding, empowering players to make a really custom encounter for them as well as their companions.

The UI of the game is somewhat turbulent from the get-go, yet after a brief timeframe, it begins to bode well, empowering clients to rapidly client their symbol, peruse dynamic games, and track down their good times.

Krunker is a smooth-out FPS game that can be gotten to by anybody with a functioning web association and a cutting-edge internet browser. The game is 100% FREE and play without limitations even by totally bypassing its in-game shop.